Fantastic First Lunch Truck It – LB Post

Lunch Truck It Launch Laudable

by Sander Wolff| 05.05.11


11:01am | Local businesses in the Zaferia-South Design District, located in Long Beach on Coronado Avenue just north of Anaheim Street, have teamed up to create a weekly gourmet food truck gathering called Lunch Truck It.

The first of these gatherings took place on Wednesday, May 4, included five popular food vendors and drew a huge crowd of curious foodies.

Here, Carl Dene, owner of Vision Design Studio, speaks about the ZaSo Design District, and the effort to bring food trucks there. Jaquleen Larson, a creative strategist for Vision Design Studio, speaks about the efforts of the Food Truck Task Force, which did extensive research and testing before selecting participants for the 12-week test run.

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